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Introduction to DK Lok

Promotional Video for DK-LOK.
Real_lil mxson : Hi I’m David Maddox do you know me boss of Michigan valve

DK-LOK Corporate Video

In 1986, few paid attention to the inception of this small company. However, the company broke barriers with its R\u0026D efforts, fostered outstanding technical expertise evidenced by patents and certifications, implemented impeccable process control with near zero defect rate and upheld its dedication to consistent quality. Also, the company made its job to satisfy customers and constantly innovate and outdo itself. Fittings and Valves, Global Top 3. To date this company expanded to attract the world's attention with its superb technology that connects world. DK-LOK operates multiple sites, automate and optimized facilities, and communicates with customers through 108 distributors in 47 countries. We make instrumentation fittings and valves for the energy industry, manufacture ball valves with the most advanced and optimized design, and supply UHP products to semiconductor manufacturers. DK-LOK has been expanding its horizons entering new renewable energy and aerospace markets through consistent investment in R\u0026D. Today customers around the world ensure reliability with DK-LOK's quality offerings. Now, it is time to join the network. We Connect the World.

Tour the New DK-LOK® Admin Building & Warehouse

Here's a sneak peek at some of our upgrades for 2019, including our conveyor belt and new warehouse!




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