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Optoma HD20 Review: An Affordable 1080p Projector? - HD ...

The Optoma HD20 marks the first 1080p projector under $1000, but does it stack up to the competition? Robert has an in depth review to help you decide if the discount is worth the sacrifices of features like lens shifting and manual zoom and focus. Watch the video for all the pros and cons of this new device and see if it deserves a spot in your home theatre setup.
love4lust7301 : is he for or against this computer
Supreme ALR Technology screens : Not true my friend checkout my channel
El pilón vídeo : Nice picture but no audio , pain in the ass the hd 20
Gmtail : Really miss HD Nation before REV 3 went haywire.. Not sure what they were/are thinking..
Ickda ogda : that's not affordable
theaznkid360 : and now 4k projectors are avg 5 grand
luis castaños : increíble! magico, como el mismo cine, lo tengo ya tres años y como el primer día solo un cambio de lampara, gracias Optoma por la calidad precio.
Andreeva Elena : The projector is only $425.99 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JFQUAIM
Serginho09 : Great video like always guys. Please help me, I just bought a optoma hd20 (used) and looks pretty bad, I have a dedicated theater room and this projector have the colors very fade even in a bright mode. I don't know if is the calibration or the light bulb or the color wheel. Thank you for your time.
Robbie Beresford : Matter of the fact is, all lcd projectors are 3lcd panels. I think he meant 3 chip dlp.

Optoma hd20-lv

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Optoma HD20 Projector Cleaning

I had someone drop off an Optoma HD20 DLP Projector. Their complaint was the colors would start to flash and the projector would shut down. Because of the symptoms, I suspected a dirty CW sensor. The insides turned out to be pretty dirty, but a good cleaning did it right. I also repaired the cracked screw socket that holds the top on. This just shows how you need to clean your projectors. I recommend seasonally. Thanks for watching!
HuntTheWumpus82 : Thanks for this very informative breakdown.

I have a second-hand HD20 I've been trying to repair. Perhaps you have some insight. After several minutes of use, and as it heats up, the image will begin to flicker rapidly for a few seconds and turn green. The image will remain green until the unit cools down.

There are two ways I have been able to get around this issue as temporary fixes. For reference, I have the HD20 ceiling mounted.
1) I run the HD20 in High Altitude mode (fan on high the whole time).
2) I run the HD20 with the outer casing removed (I position and tape up pieces of charcoal filter to block the stray light flooding out the bottom but leave the lamp area wide open). Even so, after an hour it may still shift image to green. However, selecting High Altitude mode at ths point and running it for 5 minutes or so will typically be enough to shift the image back to full color without having to power down completely.

I've cleaned the unit thoroughly as well, however , based on your video I will pay closer attention to the color wheel chip. Another Youtube video suggested I replace the thermal paste where the chip touches the heatsink. I've attempted this twice with no luck.

It's also very possible that the "Osram" bulb that came second-hand with this unit is a knock-off and is overheating the unit. Though I am not prepared to shell out the $150+ needed to test that possibility yet. I've inspected the Lamp housing and lens and do not see any indication of burning at this point.

Is there anything else I should be looking at that would be affecting the image coloration like this? Thanks CG
Jefferson Alvares : Hi dude, this video is great and will help me a lot!

After 20 minutes on, my HD20 (lamp with 2,000 hours), starts to project practically in green. Could this be dirt on the fan and the color wheel?

What kind of plastic did you use to heat and repair the nut holder? This was awasome!!!

Thanks a lot and best regards from Brazil!
Aday Mesa Ojeda : Hey Frank, thanks a lot for the videos. They have been really helpful. One question, I have an Optoma hd20 bought second hand that has a lot of yellow built up in the hot air exit grid (as the one in this video but much heavier) and I wonder how could I clean it up. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks a lot and keep it up!
Shane Monson : FixitFrank
2 weeks ago
Hi Shane, You probably have a fan either stuck(wire tucked into a blade) or maybe a wire isn't quite plugged in on one of the fans. That error(if happening instantly) usually means a bad fan. If all fans are spinning, it might be the tachometer lead of a fan that isn't working. How are you with a volt meter?

Shane Monson
Shane Monson
1 week ago
@FixitFrank Thanks for the reply. I have and can use a volt meter but it's been awhile. The errors don't happen immediately. After I replaced the fans and bulb I tested with the top cover off like you did in the video. It powers up, bulb comes on, fans and color wheel all spinning. I get the errors after about 30 seconds later, then it shuts down. I'll ensure all the connections to the main board are solid and try again. How would I use a volt meter to test? Thanks!
Rohit Ghatol : I ripped the blue ribbon wire that connects the projector to its cover. Now the buttons on the projector don’t work. Where can I find replacement wire?
Shane Monson : I have an Optoma HD25e with flashing lamp and temp lights errors. I ordered a new lamp, blower and system fan. Followed your terrific video and replaced all. Also cleaned the color wheel and sensor and gently blew it all out with an air compressor. Now when it powers up I'm getting a flashing power and temp light error. The new lamp, both fans and color wheel are spinning well. Any suggestions?
navysweats : I often watch your video when I clean and do repairs on my projector but I’m kinda stumped on the issue I have now and I have not been able to find it on the internet. I have a black mark on the left top corner of my screen that stretches over to the right top corner. I can still see images and words behind the black spot if I get up close to it, it seems like something is in the way but I can’t seem to find it. If you don’t mind helping me out I can email you if you need more information. Thank you:)
James Davis Jr : Great video, thanks... I have a Optoma TH1060p, that just went down on me . It won't turn on, could it be that it's dirty? I have had it a couple of years and never cleaned it...
Krzysztof Skibicki : Hey there! I have Optoma TW 605 ST, very similar inside. All componenst located same way, just a bit different mobo. Had to replace bulb, did so, and also disassabled to clean, also with air compressor. Did it gently. However, once everything is assambled together I have many light spots on picture with one big.. See picture in that link: https://imgur.com/DcHcp0Y
Can you help me and say what the heck is wrong?
Thx in advance...
S SS : I'm so happy I found this video. Thank you. My HD20 optoma projector has a kind of yellow glow in some parts of the screen. You can see this for example on peoples faces in the image. In the beginning the colour of the rest of the screen is good. The longer the beamer stays on, the worst it gets. the yellow turns into weird moving lines and eventually the whole screen turns greenish and distorted. Could this be the color wheel or maybe the mainboard? what do you think?




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