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Oscar Pistorius runs 400M London Summer Olympics 2012

Oscar Pistorius (The Blade Runner) runs in 400M London Summer Olympics 2012.
(He's also competing in the London Summer Paralympics Live)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/okoknoInc
Our Blog: http://okoknoinc.blogspot.ca/2012/08/oscar-pistorius-runs-400m-london-summer.html

Update: So sad to see somebody who had come over so much diversity and inspire others, to fall so low with this murder charge of killing his girlfriend.

Men's 400m Semifinals Heat 2

44.59 1 Grenada JAMES Kirani
44.67 2 Bahamas BROWN Chris
44.99 3 Belgium BORLEE Jonathan
45.31 4 USA McQUAY Tony
45.39 5 Russian DYLDIN Maksim
45.64 6 Great Britain LEVINE Nigel
46.22 7 Venezuela BRAVO Albert
46.54 8 South Africa PISTORIUS Oscar

400m competition format
The basics

The 400m starts with a staggered bend, with athletes running a full circuit of the track.
Competition format

The competition starts with heats. The number of heats and the number of athletes progressing to the next round depends on the number of athletes competing. In each heat the fastest athletes go through, as well as a set number of the fastest losers across all the heats. The following rounds run on the same format, until eight athletes are through to compete in the final.

The draw to determine which heat athletes run in is decided by their initial seedings (based on previous performance) for the first round, and then their performances after that. This ensures that the highest seeded athletes are not drawn in the same heat.

In the first round, an athlete's lane allocation is drawn by lot, and in subsequent rounds it is dependent on their performance. The highest-seeded athletes are drawn in the centre lanes.
Keys to success

In sprint races, the time separating athletes can be as little as one hundredth of a second, requiring a photo finish. A good start is crucial, as is technique while running and the quality of the finish. The winning athletes must be relaxed but perfectly focused on their race.
Breaking the rules

The most dramatic error for spectators, and arguably the most cruel for athletes, is the false start. Once in the set position on the blocks, any athlete moves off the starting blocks either before the gun has fired or within 0.10 sec of the gun firing is disqualified. Athletes can also be penalised for running out of their lane or obstructing another athlete.
Qidong Xu : He was so slow. How did her qualify for the Olympics?
Adam, : Octane?
Jose Flores : Big Time Cheater with Blades that worked as Springs and gave him Advantage over the Real Athletes who deserved the Gold . In my own personal opinion he does not deserve any credits including work record the Oficial Olympic Games. Paralympics OK
Le Goodz : Did he participate in pistol shooting as well?
Vps T : Sports scientists ran tests on OP and his blades and then presented their evidence. The court of law ruled that based on the evidence, the blades did not give him an advantage in running.Thus, he physically worked hard and trained and qualified for the Olympics fairly like any able-bodied person. If we are all about sports and fairness, why the jibes at people with disabilities NOT being able to run in the Olympics if they worked hard enough and proven themselves? Sports bring people together. Regardless if their white, black, yellow, red or disabled.
Aastha Parmar :
2019? comments shit me : Such an inspirational human being let's hope he doesnt turn out to be a psychopath
Reborn doll Collecter : Now he is in prison
BrightLights Famous : Did anyone else see that crazy shot put @ :55s? (On the monitor)
ytsaba2011 : There should be Olympics, Paraolympics, Drug Enhacement Olympics and Androide or Human Tech Olympics. This guy was not and never was a fair human competitor for this running competition

[데미안] 속 조언자 피스토리우스! 융의 제자 '랑 박사'가 투영된 인물이다?! | 요즘 책방: 책 읽어드립니다 The Page-Turners EP.12

#데미안 #책읽어드립니다 #설민석\r
TV로 읽는 독서 수다 <요즘 책방: 책 읽어드립니다>

매주 (화) 저녁 8시 10분 tvN
곰은쮸쀼쮸쀼 : 피스토리우스 부분은 재미없고 어려워서 대충 읽으며 넘어갔는데
이번 강독을 통해 많이 배워갑니다
노래하는덕후 : 여기 나오는 모든 사람들 진짜 유식하다는 걸 느낀다....
거기다 편집까지 합쳐져서 대화를 듣고있으면 진짜 빨려들어가게되는 것 같아 너무 재밋다
김예찬 : 저도 헤세의 진화론 신봉보다는, 운명과 자신이 걸어가야 하는 길에 (자연에) 수긍하고 따르는 것이 얼마나 중요한가에 대한 생각거리를 던졌다고 생각해요. 프로그램 정말 좋네요!
최우봉 : 데미안의 결론은 간단하다
자기 안의 악을 받아들여라
이거 한 문장 도출하려고 온갖 쌩쑈를 다하네ㅋㅋ
up Up : 평소에 너무 얕게 분석하는 프로라 안보는데 역시 데미안은 다루기만해도 깊어지는 명작이네요 ㄷㄷㄷ
이여름 : 최애프로등극
한상진 : 다음 주 정말기대됩니다

'여자친구 살해' 의족 스프린터 피스토리우스 1년만에 석방

'여자친구 살해' 의족 스프린터 피스토리우스 1년만에 석방\r
여자 친구에게 총을 쏴 숨지게 한 남아공의 의족 스프린터 오스카 피스토리우스가 석방 예정일보다 하루 앞선 현지시간 19일 풀려났습니다.\r
피스토리우스는 형량이 무거운 살인죄가 아니라 과실치사 혐의로 유죄로 인정돼 5년형을 선고받아 지난해 10월 20일부터 복역 중이었습니다.\r
피스토리우스는 지난 2012년 런던 올림픽에 출전해 비장애인과 겨룬 최초의 장애인 선수로 기록됐습니다.\r
연합뉴스TV 제보:02-398-4409, yjebo@yna.co.kr\r




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